About ROAM

Out of the tour bus and into the culture

ROAM Language Experiences was founded in 2022 as a subsidiary of Guardian Travel Group, which has provided exceptional student travel experiences worldwide for over a decade. The initial program vision was based on the slogan: out of the tour bus and into the culture; many language programs provide programming inefficiently, including hours in transit each day, activities that students can't relate to, and language experiences that only provide language contact and not immersion.

ROAM seeks to maximize contact hours in the target language through connections with locals and small-group immersive experiences that go beyond what can happen in the classroom.

From the Executive Director

Student travel doesn't have to be about seeing.

What if there was more doing?

ROAM is not just another tour abroad experience; it is a transformative journey that will immerse students in the true essence of language learning. ROAM programs go beyond textbooks and classrooms, offering students a unique chance to engage in authentic conversations, connect with locals, and gain a profound understanding of different cultures -- all while immersed in the language. The memories and friendships you will create will last a lifetime, and the skills you will acquire will equip you for success in our increasingly interconnected world.

As a career language educator, I've been privileged to see students discover themselves through immersion in their second language. They're free to find new voices and try new things, opening up even greater possibilities for them as they get older. At ROAM, we're a staff of all language educators dedicated to seeing our students step out of our classrooms and into the real world, living language and culture in meaningful and authentic ways.

Take the first step and ROAM with us!

Sean Duffie

Executive Director,
ROAM Language Experiences