Fundraise to support your ROAM journey

You didn’t come this far to stop.

ROAM participants have access to a variety of fundraisers, which directly contribute to their trip accounts and remove the hassle of handling money -- and the products ship to buyers' homes!

Available fundraisers include:

  • Custom, laser-engraved drink tumblers with students' school logo;

  • Tasty spice blends by gourmet makers, Three Spice Sisters, ranging from brisket rubs to taco seasonings;

  • Handy small electronics, such as wireless phone chargers, Bluetooth speakers, and high-capacity device-charging powerbanks

In addition, all participating students have their own donation portals, which can be sent to family and friends for contributions during any time in the months leading up to the students' ROAM participation.

Custom Logo Tumblers

ROAM students have the option of launching a tumbler fundraiser featuring their school logo or another image of their choice.

Students who choose this fundraiser are recommended to run the fundraiser over 2-3 weeks. Profits from the sale of the tumblers usually are over 50% of selling cost.

Spice Blends by Three Sisters Spice

The spice blend fundraiser is a highly successful option among students at ROAM and at our sister programs at Guardian Group Travel.

Students take home nearly 50% in profit from their sales of these spice blends.

As with all products for sale, the spice blends ship directly to buyers' homes

Useful and Functional Electronics

Another popular fundraiser offered to ROAM students is direct sales of small electronics, including:

  • Wireless device charging stations;

  • High-capacity powerbanks for charging phones and other USB/USB-C devices;

  • Small and large Bluetooth speakers;

  • Wireless phone-charging car chargers with mounts;

  • and more!

Students take home 40-50% of the profits of device sales.

Contribution Portals

Students get their own unique page that they can customize, and then send the link out to family and friends for contributions. Students keep 99% of the donation amounts contributed through their pages.

Ready to Fundraise? Ready to ROAM?