Are you a language teacher looking to to bring your students to the next level? Travel for free as an affiliate teacher, or join staff as paid expert faculty.

We're looking for educators who have outstanding language students ready to ROAM.

ROAM Language Experiences are a great option for teachers who want to provide immersion experiences for their students without coordinating a trip themselves. Nominate your students and let ROAM take it from there.

Affiliate Teachers

Program Faculty

Teaching faculty attend ROAM Languages Spain 2025 as faculty with the chance to teach and lead engaging workshops and activities based on their passions. Do you like street art? Are you passionate about Spanish music? What is your dream lesson?

Throughout the program, teaching faculty serve as mentors to small groups of 8-10 students at similar proficiency levels. Faculty learn alongside students and interact with locals following ROAM’s 100% Spanish-immersion model.


Teachers and professors of high-school Spanish students with current/former teaching certification in Spanish. Faculty must have at least 8 of their nominated students register for ROAM Spain 2025.


Faculty receive a stipend per nominated student who attends ROAM Languages.

Affiliates are teachers, administrators, counselors, professors, community educators, and K-12 education professionals who nominate students to participate in ROAM Spain 2025.

Affiliates nominate eligible students to the ROAM team for registration and onboarding.

Affiliates receive a free, two-week trip to Spain at the same time as ROAM Spain 2025 takes place -- without any teaching, chaperoning or mentoring obligations!


Affiliates must have at least 8 of their nominated students register for ROAM Spain 2025.


Affiliates receive travel and accommodations for two weeks in Spain, as well as cultural/historical experiences to experience with no teaching or chaperoning requirements. Enjoy Spain as a thank-you from ROAM!