June 19-July 3, 2025

Join students from across the country as you dive into Spanish culture by immersing yourself in Spanish. Led by teachers and professors from both the United States and Spain, students maximize their time using their Spanish through exciting and authentic cultural experiences that meet them where they're at.



Madrid & More

Days 1-6

ROAM students get to know each other as they get settled in Madrid. Students meet the staff and review protocols during the trip.

In Madrid, students are immersed in Spanish as they experience activities including the following:

  • A visit to Retiro Park

  • Santiago Bernabéu Stadium

  • A flamenco performance, including the chance to meet the show cast

  • An authentic Spanish cooking class

  • An Inquisition-based ghost tour of Madrid

  • Interacting with vendors at Mercado San Miguel

  • Small-group language activities with ROAM staff, such as navigating public transportation, a scavenger hunt for street art, talks with college students studying abroad, and much more!

Arrive in Madrid on a flight included in the cost of your trip and be greeted by ROAM staff on arrival.

Taking the first steps

Excursions from Madrid


Walk along the Roman aqueducts of Segovia as you learn about the thousands of years of history in the region. Get a sky-high view of the valley from the top of the Alcázar, the castle that inspired Disney's Cinderella Castle.


Experience the legendary streets of Toledo with the help of local guides who will reveal the legends of the Convivencia, when Toledo was the heart of Spain as different cultures co-existed. Then, step in the kitchen and make a batch of Toledo marzipan with the professionals.

Sevilla and Sunshine

Days 7-11

Students go deeper with their Spanish as they go south to Sevilla.

In Sevilla, students discover the culture of Andalucía and a slower pace of life, taking part in activities including:

  • A bike tour of the city

  • Take on a scavenger hunt of the Muslim Alcázar fortress and gardens

  • A visit to the locally curated Flamenco Museum

  • Learning the basics of Flamenco dance and drumming with the pros

  • Kayak on the Guadalquivir where the great Conquistadores started their voyages.

  • Small-group language activities with ROAM staff, such as interacting with vendors at a street market, taking a workshop on the slang of Andalucía, and more!

Excursions from Sevilla

Cádiz Beach

Enjoy a day on the coast near Cádiz, taking in the sun and watching the surfers if the waves are just right.


ROAM the streets of small-town Carmona, where you and your group experience daily life outside of the large city. Connect with restaurant owners to find the perfect bite.

Stories and Histories of Spain

Days 12-14

In the final days of ROAM, students peel back the layers of Spanish culture, digging deep to find the roots of today's Spain, taking on activities and sites such as:

  • The great mosque-cathedral of Córdoba

  • Exploring centuries-old market streets

  • An art tour revealing the Jewish history of Southern Spain

  • Following the trail of don Quijote, including walking among the famous windmills and learning about the secrets behind Spain's legendary knight

  • Check out one of the Spanish royal family's great palaces and discover the secrets buried beneath

  • Small-group language activities with ROAM staff, such as finding the historic roots of modern Spanish hip-hop and rap, learning tricks for ordering the perfect meal, and more!

Language Immersion and Workshops

Immersion activities and workshops

Throughout their experiences in ROAM, students have the opportunity to participate in a number of meaningful, small-group language activities. Students in ROAM are sorted by their language proficiency coming into the program, allowing them to engage with peers of similar ability levels as they immerse themselves in the language. While a group of intermediate students might be on a tour of street art with a local artist, a group of advanced students interacting with street vendors at an outdoor market.

Students are placed in their language groups based on their prior experiences with Spanish, their confidence in speaking and listening, and their ability levels that they report as they register for the program.

In addition, students are assigned a staff mentor who will be their point person throughout the trip, providing them with consistency as they push themselves to go above and beyond with their language.